Cured Salmon Gravlax

Salmon gravlax is a Scandinavian-style salmon cured with salt, sugar, and fresh herbs. It's better than lox and so easy to make at home.

Ingredients  You'll Need

- Salmon - Kosher Salt - Smoked Sea Salt - Sugar - Lemon Zest - Fresh Dill - Peppercorns - Coriander

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Salmon Gravlax






6 people

2-3 days



1. Choose the right Salmon

Cured salmon is still technically raw, so choose a high-quality sushi-grade salmon. Talk to your local fish monger for best options. 

2. Mix Cure

Combine your kosher salt, sugar, smoked sea salt, lemon zest, dill, peppercorns and coriander and mix well. 

3. Bury Salmon

Bury the salmon in the cure, cover with plastic wrap, and transfer to the fridge for 2-3 days. 

4. Rinse

After 2-3 days, remove the salmon from the cure and rinse all the excess cure off. It should have a firm texture. 

5. Pat Dry

Using a paper towel, pat the salmon very dry all over. 

6. Slice

Using a sharp, flexible knife thinly sliced the salmon. 


Your salmon gravlax is ready to eat! Serve on a bagel with lots of capers and red onion, on a sandwich, salad, etc. 

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