Thai Meatballs in Green Curry

Tender and flavorful baked chicken and pork meatballs get a Thai-inspired twist with fresh garlic, ginger, Thai basil, and cilantro simmered in a flavorful green curry broth.

Ingredients  You'll Need

- Ground Chicken - Ground Pork - Ginger - Garlic - Shallot - Egg - Breadcrumbs - Thai Basil - Cilantro - Fish Sauce

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Thai Meatballs






4-6 people

35 min



1. Use a Food Processor

Using a food processor ensures that all the ingredients are perfectly chopped and it makes the process so easy! 

2. Combine Ingredients

Combine the ground chicken, pork, chopped ingredients, egg, bread crumbs, and fish sauce. Season with salt and pepper.

3. Mix Well

Using your hands, mix the ingredients really well without over-mixing. Click the link below for all my tips for perfectly tender meatballs!

4. Portion

Using a cookie scoop ensures that all your meatballs are the same size and that they cook evenly. 

5. Bake and Broil

Bake the meatballs at 400 F for 10-12 minutes and then broil for 5 to get perfect browning. 


Make a simple green curry sauce loaded with your favorite veggies and simmer the meatballs for 5 minutes. Serve over steamed rice with fresh herbs. 

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