Pecan Pie Bars

Easy Pecan Pie Bars

All the flavors that you love about pecan pie in an easier package!

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Prep Time: 20 Min

Sweetened Condensed Milk Butter Flour Sugars Eggs Vanilla Pecans Flaky Sea Salt

Bake Time: 60 min


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Step 1

Make the crust. Beat the butter and sugars together until fluffy. Mix in the flour and vanilla until well-mixed. 

Step 2

Press and bake.  Press the crust into a baking pan and chill 1 hour. Bake until golden brown and cool to room temperature. 

Step 3

Make the filling. Whisk the wet ingredients for the filling together until smooth and then mix in the chopped pecans. 

Step 4

 Bake.  Pour the filling into the cooled crust and bake until golden brown and the center just barely jiggles. 

Step 5

Cool and chill.  Cool the bars to room temperature and then refrigerate for 2 hours before slicing and serving.  

Get the full recipe details at the link below. 

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